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  • Minas de Matahambre: Yesterday and Today

    Cuba: 26 minutes. Ann Greyson (Producer); Manuel Rivera-Ortiz (Photo).

  • Mads Nissen: Revolution in Libya

    Inspireret af dette sendte Berlingskes fotograf Mads Nissen fem elektroniske dagbøger hjem fra revolutionen i Libyen.

  • Stanley Greene, Photographer

    Visa Pour l'Image. Perpignan 2012.

  • GIVING LIFE, RISKING LIFE - by Mads Nissen

    Every single day 1.000 women die in child labor or from pregnancy related conditions in Nepal.

  • Mads Nissen: Colombia (in Danish)

    Hver dag tvinges hundredvis af colombianere på flugt fra deres hjem.


    In 2012 Photojournalist Alex Coghe photographs abandoned people by their families in Mexico City.

  • Amy Toensing Speaks About Her Exhibit

    American photographer Amy Toensing speaks with Photographie.com

  • Dharavi (Mumbai, India) Slum Children

    Children of Dharavi slum's Kumbharwada community. While the children do go to school, they also help their families in clay pot production.

  • Mads Nissen: Columbia (Danish)

    Mads Nissen grants interview on Columbia project "No Shelter from Fear" from a 2011 grant from our foundation.

  • Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Speaks of Grant's Importance

    Established in 2010, the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation looks to empower emerging photographers. He speaks with Photographie.com