2014 Film Finalists

The Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation For Documentary Photography & Film


2014 Film Grant Finalists

Nils Clauss
CHOA - A female hockey player from South Korea describes what it takes to compete with the guys. (with Adam Hobbs)
Emily Harrold
Reporting on The Times -  Explores how and why during World War 2 The New York Times buried reports on The Holocaust.
Elena Hermosa
20 Years of Silence - Courageous Ixil people in Guatemala speak during the trial of General Jose Efrain Rios Montt on genocide and crimes against humanity.
Adam Hobbs
CHOA - A female hockey player from South Korea describes what it takes to compete with the guys. (with Nils Clauss)
Gabrielle Menezes
Portugal / UK
A Cure for Homesickness - Explores the meaning of home for people, through growing up in Zimbabwe, and how home relates to identity, childhood and memory.
Alfonso Moral
A City Without Dreams - Following refugees traveling between Beirut, Lebanon and Aleppo, Syria, dreams of an entire Syrian generation are lost in these two cities.
Jason OHara
Rhythms of Resistance - Artists resist against police brutality and social exclusion through their music and performance art, challenging “Pacification” in Rio de Janeiro.
Lara Placido
CASALATA - Focuses on the shortage of housing and strategies for improving housing in the tin house neighbourhoods of Cape Verde.
Leonard Pongo
The Necessary Evil - Questioning faith, politics, exploitation and religion in the context of independent protestant churches in Congo DR.
Lyia Terki
Maria, Callas - Based on interviews,an imaginary confession of singer Maria Callas, with comments from Italian directors Luchino Visconti and Pier Paolo Pasolini.
Aman Wadhan
Prabhat Nagari - Reunion of the last living workers of Prabhat Studio becomes a reflection on celluloid dreams, fathers and sons, and the cyclical universe.