Grant Recipients

  • Kannan Arunasalam

  • Mohamed Ali Eddin

  • Vivek Singh

  • Gustavo Jononovich

  • Mads Nissen

  • Alfonso Moral

The Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation For Documentary Photography & Film

Grant Recipients

Ismail Ferdous
2016 Photography Grant Co-Laureate
After Rana Plaza: Human Exploitation, Unsafe Working Conditions in developing countries in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Enri Canaj
2016 Photography Grant Co-Laureate
The Wind Cries War: Human Flight and Refugee Resettlement in Germany and Greece
Laurence Bonvin 2015 Film Grant Laureate
2015 Film Grant Laureate
Sounds of Blikkiesdorp: Human Rights, Social Issues and Urban Displacement in Cape Town, South Africa.
Pablo E Piovano
2015 Photography Grant Laureate
The Human Cost of Agrotoxins: Environmental Damage, Human Toxicity & Exploitation in Argentina
Alfonso Moral MROF Film Laureate 2014
2014 Film Grant Laureate
A City Without Dreams: Government Repression and Refugee Suffering, Lebanon and Syria
Mohamed Ali Eddin
2014 Photography Grant Laureate
Life of Quarry Workers: Exploitation in Minya governorate of Upper Egypt
Kannan Arunasalam
2013 Film Grant Laureate
The Story of One: Government Repression and Ethnic Conflict, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka
Vivek Singh
2013 Photography Grant Laureate
Ethnic Unrest, Western Assam: The Aftermath: Conflict, Displacement and Migration in India
Gustavo Jononovich
2012 Photography Grant Laureate
Richland: Over-exploitation of Natural Resources in Latin America
Mads Nissen
2011 Photography Grant Laureate
No Shelter from Fear: Displaced Populations of Columbia