Rony Zakaria: Men, Mountains & the Sea

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July 4 – September 25, 2016 | Rony Zakaria | Men, Mountains and the Sea

Curated by Dimitri Beck in collaboration with Photolux festival and The Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation For Documentary Photography & Film

Arles, France Exhibition

Rony Zakaria - East JavaSpread over 17,000 islands and located in the Pacific Ring of Fire, Indonesia is home to more than 150 active volcanoes and marked by coastlines that span over 80,000 km. Here, lives are affected by two major entities – the mountains and the sea.

Photolux and The MRO Foundation are pleased to bring to Arles the work of the 2015 Roberto Del Carlo Photolux Award winner Rony Zakaria. In a series of evocative images, Zakaria explores the deep spirituality that connects men to nature in Indonesia.

Rony Zakaria - IndonesiaDisplayed in rich, grainy black-and-white: Men, Mountains and the Sea leads us from lava-spewing volcanic heights to the shores of a vast and moody sea, exploring along the way the sacred rituals and traditions observed by these islanders in their quest to tame the fury of their powerful hosts.

In an interview on his winning the Photolux award, Zakaria said, “When I started the project I just wanted to see the connection of people with the mountains and the sea. As I go further in my project, I get the sense that people in my country have a deeper connection with the nature. These entities, the volcanoes and also the sea, are sacred for them.”

Since 2008, Zakaria has movingly documented this ongoing history of the Indonesian people, their communities and their relationship with nature in this island nation. The images have a classic, poetic beauty to them while never losing hold of the stories they are telling.

Rony Zakaria
Rony Zakaria
Rony Zakaria (Jakarta, 1984) is a photographer based in Indonesia. He studied photography at Antara Gallery of Photojournalism. He learned photojournalism at ANTARA Gallery of Photojournalism in Jakarta and Ateneo de Manila in the Philippines as a fellow. Since then he has worked mainly for national and foreign publications and has covered various issues in his native, Indonesia. His work has appeared in major publications including Time Asia, BBC Indonesia and Monocle. Rony has won several accolades and awards for his work, including NPPA Best of Photojournalism and Mochtar Lubis Award for Investigative reporting. He has exhibited his work widely in Paris, Manila, Bangladesh, Singapore, Thailand, Germany and Malaysia. In 2013, he published his first monograph, Encounters, a personal work with photographs collected starting from the beginning of his career. He lives in Jakarta but continues to travel. He holds a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science.
Dimitri Beck
Dimitri Beck
Photo by Alize Le Maoult
Dimitri Beck is the Director of Photography at Paris based Polka, dedicated to all kinds of photography and photoreportage in particular. Dimitri has been part of the executive management of Polka since the beginning of the company in 2008, contributing to the development of the magazine, gallery and website. During his spare time Dimitri gives lectures on photojournalism at conferences and educational institutes. Prior to working at Polka, Dimitri was the Director and the editor of the Aina Photo Agency based in the Afghan capital Kabul from September 2004 to December 2006, where he was also the editor-in-chief for the Anglo-French feature magazine Les Nouvelles de Kaboul - New Afghanistan. His thirst to travel to Afghanistan was inspired when he was working as editor-in-chief of Reza Deghati’s photo agency “Webistan”. He started out as an independent journalist filing reports to French and international media outlets from trips he did in the Caucasus area and across Central Asia.


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