There Where the Sound Comes From

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fotofever Expo Arles - MROF

November 12, 2015 – January 20, 2016 | There Where the Sound Comes From

Arles, France Exhibition

The title is taken from Édouard Beau’s video on the Islamic state in 2014. The head of the Kurds commands his men NOT to shoot, to remain still and be patient, and to listen to where the sound of gunfire is coming from. In the darkness, sounds become the only reference… eyes shut, ears open, mind focused, no shooting. And of course, out of nervousness, fear and ignorance of what’s happening, men retaliate, senselessly shooting their ammunition into the dark night.

For our second exhibition in Arles, we invite you to listen to the sounds of the world. Thanks to these amazing photographers and video makers, one can source these sounds and their outcomes.

With Édouard Beau, we track Iraq’s early 21st century history.
French photographer and film maker Édouard Beau first visited Iraq when the American troops arrived, then went back seven times for long stays. Embedded with local forces, he saw the evolution of the conflict in various regions: before the capture of Saddam, when the US army handed over power and after the withdrawal of the troops. He is a graduate on ENSP in Arles. Edouard Beau defines himself as a documentary photographer rather than a war photographer.
With Titus Simoens, we listen to the mountains in China and to what young boys are taught.
Titus Simoens is a Belgian photographer. He won the 2012 Nikon Promising Young Award. His work appears in numerous Belgian and international media and is exhibited in several museums. In 2014 he won the award Monography series of Nikon and Bozar, where he was given a solo exhibition at the Palace of Fine Arts in Brussels. Simoens studied at Karel de Grote’ Hogeschool Antwerpen.
With Laurence Bonvin, we listen intensely to displaced communities in Capetown.
Laurence Bonvin is the MROF 2015 Film Laureate. She is a Swiss-born documentary photographer and film maker based in Berlin and Geneva. Her work focuses primarily on the transformation of social landscape in and around large urban centres. Bonvin has won numerous awards and fellowships including the Swiss Art Award in 2002 and 2009. She has been a professor of photography at ECAL University of Art and Design in Lausanne, Switzerland since 2002.
With Pablo Ernesto Piovano, we measure the human aftermath of chemical spray in Argentina.
Pablo Ernesto Piovano is the MROF 2015 Photography Laureate. He is a photojournalist based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Trained from a young age by his photojournalist father, he has been a staff photographer for the Página/12 newspaper in Buenos Aires since the age of 18. Mr. Piovano is a multi-scholarship winner and has trained and mentored with many renowned photographers.
With Simo Aagadi, we trace migrant bodies rocked and tossed.
Simo Aagadi is a Moroccan artist who juggles between sculpture, drawing, painting, music and dance. He studied at the School of Fine Arts in Casablanca and continued his career at the Institute of Visual Arts of Orleans specializing in spatial design. He worked as a model maker in proto-typist architecture while developing his work as a plastic artist. Reflecting his concerns for the human body and spirituality, his work invites spectators to question a world in search of meaning.
Photographs, films, sound and interactive performances document those infra-sounds that fly under the threshold of media scrutiny. These artists introduce us to men and women caught up in a world not of their choosing. The purpose of these exhibitions is not to enshrine the artists but to show steps in their work, to share their thought process and concern for our world. This is a triangular discussion involving artists, the men and women shown in the images, and us.


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