Image education for young people young public allows to approach the photographic image in a playful way in order to initiate to the reflection on the image but also its production. It all starts with a visit of the current exhibition where the exchange is at the heart of this moment of moment of discovery then unfolds through educational workshops where it will be proposed to participants to awaken their imagination, creativity and critical thinking in relation to the themes of the exhibition programs.

The MRO Foundation contributed to the Rentrée en Images in partnership with the Rencontres d'Arles. The Foundation's team welcomed approximately 100 students per day, ranging from elementary to high school students from the region.

Mediated tour:
visit to the exhibitions of the Dress Code program, which links some forty artists proposing singular glances on the identity and the clothing in the world. For the visit, 3 to 5 exhibitions will be chosen, notably a selection on selection on rituals, masks and pagan festivals.

"Sometimes ornament, costume, scene or cult dress, clothing represents singular identities but also collective. Dress code poses the regard on this between identity and clothing, notably through the Drag Queen of New York Queen of New York, the twins in Nigeria, the voodoo rituals in Benin and Togo Togo, Zapotec women in Mexico, but also through personal photographic personal photographic investigations. Between rites and gender markers, the twenty or so the twenty or so exhibitions offer a questioning of singular and collective identities collective identities, but also on the dress as emancipation or claim" 

Pedagogic workshops :
as part of the Dress Code program program, a workshop an introduction to studio photography was offered. Learn the photographer's dance of the photographer in order to find the best framing, create a team to learn how to manage learn to manage the light, know the techniques of model direction, while having the possibility to create universes around the textiles. The workshop was conducted with Juliette Larochette and Rosalie Parent, artist photographer.