Connected visions of a related world

collectif fiVe

The Viennese women's collective fiVe uses photography to explore the relationship between nature and society. In Gstettn, Regina Anzenberger documents the vigor of nature reclaiming its rights. To create her cyanotype Lake prints, Eva-Maria Raab draws water from lakes to highlight a resource that has become rare and precious. Barbara Filips' Hybrid paradise fuses virtual worlds with nature. In All In Itself, Gabriela Morawetz addresses existential questions, tackling various concepts through an installation that blends metaphorical and physical elements. Material world by Anny Wass moves between utopia and reality, relaying a humorous critique of the evolution of our societies.

artists                Regina ANZENBERGER, Barbara FILIPS, Gabriela      MORAWETZ, Eva-Maria RAAB, Anny WASS
parteners         Austrian Cultural Forum