Manuel Rivera-Ortiz

— for documentary photography & film

Mission & Vision

Established in 2010, the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation aims to encourage committed artists whose gaze challenges us to develop a new vision of the world.

By rewarding the dedication and determination of emerging photographers and artists, the Foundation's mission is to support documentary projects that show humanity in motion and capture social, cultural, political and even ecological issues. The images challenge us to question what is sometimes overlooked or forgotten, to offer a singular vision of the world around us and to give voice to the voiceless and opportunity to the most vulnerable and disadvantaged among us — in every community in the world — to be seen and heard.

Price & Grant

   Nota Bene : Due to the current situation, the prize and grant are suspended.
We are doing our utmost to reinstate them as soon as possible.

The Price

The Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation Prize aims to be awarded to one documentary photographer and to one documentary filmmaker for work that brings to light some of the world’s ignored atrocities that impact our society, with images imbued with the determination to change the world and thus awaken our collective conscience.

Each year, the recipients will be announced at our summer opening reception for the Rencontres d’Arles, France.

The Grant

The Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Grant is addressed to professional and emerging photographers working on a project in the field of documentary photography. Through a portfolio of 15 images, t he proposed projects submitted must address current societal issues in which  we must perceive perceive the ongoing work and the intended realisation.

The laureates will receive guidance throughout the project, from its realization up to its exhibition at the Foundation.


Laureates selected in the previous editions of the Grant and Prize by the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation’s jury.