July 4th to September 26th 2021
at the 18 rue de la Calade — Arles

Échos système        is an exhibition program focusing on the uncertain, changing living world. The artists’ various approaches immerse us in current issues involving migration, memory, and feminism. Virtual and augmented reality and archives shape a fresh vision and perception of the living world and the social relations resulting from it. These narratives express our fears through the imagination —or violence. These visions explore the aspects of the individual, the solitude, gender, or eroticism, in connection with the theme of Fotohaus, Persona. An interrelated system facing a multitude of questions today, including health, ecological and political ones, asks questions about the future of humankind.

Exhibition Curators    Marc BARBEY, Florent BASILETTI, Anne Marie BECKMANN, Christel BOGET, Lionel CHARRIER, Klaus KEHRER, Luce LEBART, Mathilde LEROY, Timothy PRUS, Chiara RUBERTI, Enrico STEFANELLI.



Wednesday, July 7th at 10am
Rencontres d’Arles official tour with art director
Wednesday, July 7th from 5pm
Exhibition Preview with the artists and curators


July 6th to 10th at 11.30am
Artist’s photobooks signings


July 4th to 11th
Guided tours with the artists
Documentary focused symposiums...


July 9th at 6pm
Oeildeep invites you to the patio to meet their new talents

July 4th to September 26th

Enjoy short and feature documentary films every day in our Kinohaus

Our Foundation

— Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation for Documentary Photography & Film

Established in 2010, the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation aims to encourage a new generation of photographers — simply equipped with a camera and a vision for a better world — to travel the world and capture humanity in motion.

18 rue de la Calade — 13000 Arles

open every day from 10am to 7.30pm
entry fee  6€ — reduced fee  4€*