from July 4th to September 25th, 2022
at 18 rue de la Calade — Arles

Dress Code        program brings together around forty artists who suggest singular views on identity and clothing around the world. Clothing is representative of an aspect of identity, it can arouse desire by sublimating the human body, notably through ornament, but it can also reveal codes and standards. Dress codes allow for integration into society or, on the opposite side, rejection, emancipation and also protest. A symbol of globalisation, fashion, a place of subjectivation and non-subjectivation, of intervention and alienation, contributes to social and physical emancipation. This evolution asks us why clothing is always at the heart of the issue of identities. Clothing always takes on the role of being a marker of gender, age, social status, religion, sexual orientation, political opinions, wealth and subculture. Sometimes an ornament, a costume, a performance outfit or a cult outfit, clothes represent singular but also collective identities.

Dress Code explores this relationship between identity and clothing, especially through the Drag Queens of New York, the twins of Nigeria, the voodoo rituals of Benin and Togo, and the Zapotec women of Mexico, but also through personal photographic investigations. Between rituals and gender indicators, the around twenty exhibitions propose a discussion of singular but also collective identities, but also of dress as emancipation or revendication. Fotohaus offers an enlargement of the program with Sein und Schein, being and appearing; as does Fragiles, Tendance floue’s group project, influenced by the upheavals of our time.

Artists    Liza AMBROSSIO, Michela BENAGLIA, Delphine BLAST, Robin BLOCK DE FRIBERG, Manon BOYER, Elina BROTHERUS, Daniel CASTRO GARCÍA, Bruno CATTANI, Antonio D’AMBROSSIO, Sanne DE WILDE, Alexandre DUPEYRON, Amin EL DIB, Dmitry ERET, Benoît FERON, Collectif fiVe, Jeanne FRANK, Ching-Yuan HSU, Sara IMLOUL, Phumzile KHANYILE, Katerina KIRTOKA, Yevheniia KRIUK, Bénédicte KURZEN, Laurent LABODIE, Lawrence LEMAOANA, Lila NEUTRE, Frédéric NOY, Mathieu RICHER MAMOUSSE, Torsten SCHUMANN, Tendance Floue

Curators    Marc BARBEY, Florent BASILETTI, Anne Marie BECKMANN, Christel BOGET, Françoise DELVOYE, Emilie DEMON, Agathe KALFAS, Klaus KEHRER, Chiara RUBERTI, Enrico STEFANELLI.

Blood Orange
Naranja de Sangre


It all starts with a mental image: an orange that bleeds. Infected with the aesthetics of Japanese counterculture and Aztec rituals of human sacrifice as a form of poetics, Liza Ambrossio mixes performance, spatial intervention, video, installation, techniques of psychological manipulation, science fiction, eroguru, and witchcraft.

curators        Florent BASILETTI, Klaus KEHRER
partners        Kehrer Verlag, ChromaLuxe

The Savage, the Fool and the Bear & The Mamuthones


Savages, Fools and Bears are represented in traditional myths and ancestral rites around the world in the form of anthropological masks that are at times very similar to each other. The masks are creatures from a parallel universe. They live inside every human being, they are the expression of our deepest and most ancestral instincts. Beasts or Monsters who do not need to hide the Man inside them.

In Mamoiada, a pagan rite is celebrated whose origins are lost in the mists of time. At the centre of the ritual are the Mamuthones and the Issohadores: two male characters who, although dressed differently and seemingly in contrast, are in fact complementary, inseparable and indisputable. The ritual begins with the dressing up, which reaches its climax when the Mamuthones and Issohadores put on their masks.

curators        Chiara RUBERTI, Enrico STEFANELLI
partner          Photolux Festival

Spiritual Fabrics

Delphine BLAST & Bruno CATTANI

In Fleurs de l'Isthme, the photographer portrays Zapotec women, who have become icons of Mexican and indigenous femininity. The seriality of the portraits materializes this community of powerful women and their sisterhood. The clothing is placed at the centre as a marker of their identity, in a refined decorum that leaves room for the details of the materials (velvet, satin, lace, flowers) and the individuality of the models.

Vodoo is a series of photographs made in Benin and Togo in 2019 about voodoo rituals. Benin is the place where Voodoo was born. In this tradition live the rituals of the Egungun, the living ghosts of Benin, Togo, and other parts of West Africa. Each Egungun appears in the form of a robed figure, giving the impression that the deceased is making a temporary reappearance on Earth. This impression is reinforced by the voluminous costumes of the Egungun; the fabrics and patterns they use express the power of the ancestor.

curator      Agathe KALFAS
partners    Atelier SHL, Filip, Tienda Esquipula

Sous les Jupes 


It was during a trip to Japan that the idea for the Under the Skirts series emerged. In this country, all telephones are calibrated to trigger a sound or light alarm as soon as one wants to take a photo, however banal it may be, a system put in place to track down male perverts in public transport. This is the starting point for a personal reflection on this garment and the latent voyeurism that surrounds it.

curator        Florent BASILETTI