July 4th to September 26th

As part of the FOTOHAUS program, KINOHAUS offers a series of documentaries and films as a complement to the exhibitions of the Persona theme, presented by the following partners: ARTE, the Berlin photographers agency, Ostkreuz, LesAssociés collective and The Smell of Dust multimedia project, a selection from the MRO Foundation, etc.

The aim of ARTE is to strengthen the understanding and rapprochement between people in Europe through culture and an inspiring, innovative program.Since its foundation, ARTE has been committed to enhancing cultural heritage and promoting today‘s creative work through an open-minded and valuable program. In this sense, ARTE invites you to share multifaceted and limitless experiences on screen.

The LesAssociés Collective was founded in 2013 in Bordeaux. It is composed of not only photographers but also sound and film professionals. Coming from the documentary tradition, the associate members produce totally different but complementary writing that combines photography, sound and video. Their work addresses the identity/regional relationship, whether it be when the regional map of France was reformed – D’ici, ça ne paraît pas si loin (“From Here, It Doesn’t Seem So Far”), or the disturbances in our lifestyles caused by the health crisis – Sauver les corps (“Saving Bodies”). The Associés’ process aims at a dialogue with the singularities of the shared narrative. Within this idea, the Collective created in 2015 the concept of Voyages Immobiles (“Motionless Travels”). The collective has pursued this process in its latest project, Sauver les Corps, produced with the photographers of the ParisBerlin>fotogroup and was shown for the first time at the Rencontres d’Arles.

In 1990, seven East German photographers founded Ostkreuz in Paris. President François Mitterrand had invited the photographers to the French capital for an exhibition featuring major GDR-artists. At that time, the Berlin Wall had already fallen but Germany was still officially divided. By founding the agency, they would brace themselves for whatever lay ahead. The independent, photographer-run agency Magnum Photos was their model. They called their agency Ostkreuz, after a commuter railway station that connects the East of Berlin with the entire city. Today, the agency is considered Germany’s most renowned photographers’ collective. Its twenty-three members are award- winning artist-photographers with their own mindset and unique signature whose pictures have been featured in exhibitions and magazines around the globe.

THE SMELL OF DUST is a multiplatform project that brings together Photography, Music and Video into a single performance. The concept of an «Image musical score» created by Franco-Portuguese multimedia artist Sue-Elie Andrade-Dé, based in Brazil, intends to be a reflection of young contemporary artists’ production. Since its creation in 2014, The Smell of Dust has allowed the visual and musical encounters of many artists from around the globe through concerts-screenings of photo-films performed live. This year at Fotohaus, The Smell Of Dust presents its first retrospective reuniting the works of more than 150 artists worldwide.

The Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation offers a selection of videos and documentaries selected by Juliette Larochette.