Opening week
from July 4th to 9th

During the opening week, join us to discover, visit, debate, look around...

monday 4

10h · Opening of the exhibitions
18h · Launch of revue EPIC nº7 and round-table discussion with the artists moderated by Agathe KALFAS

tuesday 5

10h · Workshop Make your Photobook with Regina ANZENBERG
11h · Signings of Blood Orange. Naranja de Sangre byLiza AMBROSSIO and of Cholitas by Delphine BLAST
16h30 · Premiere of Border Dancer by Amaury VOSLION and Marc LATHUILLIÈRE
17h · Visit of Fragiles by a Tendance Floue photorgapher
18h · Presentation of Camera Austria : The Letter & Fleshbacks by Belinda KAZEEM-KAMINSKI
19h30 · Performance Dysnomia Live by Alexandre DUPEYRON & Thomas JULIENNE

wednesday 6

10h · Conference followed by a visit of the exhibition Fragiles by Tendance Floue
11h · Signing ofElina BROTHERUS, Sara IMLOUL and the collectiveTendance Floue
16h30 · Premiere Les Règles du je, excuisite corpse by Elina BROTHERUS & Sara IMLOUL
17h · Visit of Fragiles by a Tendance Floue photographer
18h · Vernissage of the exhibitions in presence of the artists and curators with a performance by Juline DARDE GERVAIS & Cie Evolves
19h30 · DJ SET opening party

thursday 7

10h · Meeting the Belgian Photobook laureates
17h · Visite de Fragiles par un photographe de Tendance Floue
18h · Discussion Franco-German and readings with Fotohaus
19h30 · Presentation soirée of Belgian Photobook

friday 8

10h · Presentation of thePHOTOSA festival of Burkina Faso
17h · Visit of Fragiles by a Tendance Floue photographer
18h · Presentation ofRésidence A4 with the artists  Violette MAILLARD and João GIL, and curators Carine DOLEK and Virgilio FERREIRA
19h30 · Screenings soirée by Oeildeep

saturday 9

14h30 · Official visit of the Rencontres d’Arles by the art director in presence of the artists and curators
16h30 · Premiere Décoloniser le dancefloor by Habibitch and Quand la terre tremble by Joana LUZ
18h · Meeting FAIRE FACE, Histoires de violences conjugales with Camille GHARBI, Raphaële BERTHO and Ivan JABLONKA


from July 5 to 9, 11am to 12pm
each morning in the patio of the foundation 

tuesday 5
11h · Liza AMBROSSIO  Blood Orange. Naranja de Sangre 
11h · Delphine BLAST  Cholitas
17h · Elina BROTHERUS SeaboundCarpe fucking Diem

wednesday 6
11h · Elina BROTHERUS & Sara IMLOUL
11h · Tendance Floue  Fragiles
15h · Lars BORGES & Luzie KURTH  We Share the Meal
16h · Christina DIAS DE MAGALHAES  Instincts
17h · Liza AMBROSSIO  Blood Orange. Naranja de Sangre
17h · Roland REINSTADLER  Gspell 111

thursday 7
11h · Bénédicte KURZEN & Sanne DE WILDE  Land Of Ibeji
11h · Amin EL DIB, Andreas TROGISCH & Buchkunst Berlin
15h · Geert BROERTJES & Lotte BRONGEEST  Outside Room 8 
15h · Friso KEURIS  Tito
16h · Anne ACKERMANN  this life is a mixture of poison and honey
16h · Gouzelle ISHMATOVA  My Country is Female
friday 8
11h · Laurent LABODIE  Bientôt nous danserons
11h · Mathieu RICHER MAMOUSSE  Anima
11h · Frédéric NOY  Ekifire
15h · Rachel PAPO  It’s Been Pouring
15h · Ann-Christine WOEHRL & Anja PINTER RAWE  Witches in Exile
16h · Christopher TAYLOR  Illuminations
16h · Roger GRASAS  Ha Aretz
17h · Kentaro KUMON  Nemurushima

saturday 9
11h · Alexandre DUPEYRON   Dysnomia
11h · Regina ANZEBERGER
11h · Barbara FILIPS

Projections all summer

everyday from July 5th to Septembre 25th
Kinohaus screening program available here ︎︎︎