• Andrea Star Reese
    Andrea Star Reese

    Photojournalist and documentary photographer based in the USA, now working in Indonesia
    Disorder documents the devastating consequences of inadequate access to the medication and mental illness treatment in Indonesia that much of the world takes for granted.
  • G.M.B. Akash
    G.M.B. Akash

    Photojournalist from Bangladesh
    Angels in Hell: is a series of pictures representing very young children from Bangladesh, forced to work in unimaginable conditions for $1 a day.
  • K.M. Asad
    K.M. Asad

    Photographer from Bangladesh
    The Cost of Slavery documents the 2013 tragedy of the collapsing of the Rana Plaza garments factories in Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh, causing more than thousands deaths.
  • Mahfuzul Hasan Bhuiyan
    Mahfuzul Hasan Bhuiyan

    Portrait, conceptual and documentary photographer originating from Bangladesh.
    Foot Soldiers is a series of pictures representing foot of the poor in Bangladesh villages who migrate to Dhaka to work as labourers. Most workers wear no protective gear and many work barefoot, putting their life in danger.
  • Nadia Shira Cohen
    Nadia Shira Cohen

    Photographer from the USA, based in Italy
    A Rose in Madagascar denounces deforestation and mining that destroy the biodiversity of Madagascar and the rare plants offering medical cures.
  • Paolo Marchetti
    Paolo Marchetti

    Photographer from Italy
    Sons of Tyranny exposed the US supported bloody dictatorships of François Duvalier and his son Jean-Claude. He proposes covering the rich caste who own the island.
  • Myriam Meloni
    Myriam Meloni

    Italian photographer based in Spain.
    Behind the Absence shot in the Republic of Moldova, the poorest country in Eastern Europe, brings to light the over 100,000 children growing up without their parents who have emigrated in search of work.
  • Tommaso Rada
    Tommaso Rada

    Italian photographer based in Portugal
    Mozambique illustrates the environmental issues and the consequences of a non-controlled exploitation of the natural resources of Mozambique.
  • Andri Tambunan
    Andri Tambunan

    Photojournalist from Indonesia
    The Price of Tin proposes to cover the harmful human and environmental effects of the tin mines on the small islands of Bangka and Belitung east of Sumatra in Indonesia.
  • Majid Saeedi
    Majid Saeedi

    Iranian-born photographer based in Afghanistan
    Afghanistan shows the people of Afghanistan in depth, from the Afghan National Army to scenes of daily life in Herat, through psychiatric hospitals and the beginnings of fashion show in Kabul.
  • Mohamed Ali Eddin
    Mohamed Ali Eddin

    Freelance photojournalist from Egypt
    Quarry Workers raises awareness of the 20,000 quarry workers in Upper-Egypt, especially in Minya governorate, go everyday to the quarries to earn their bread in extremely hard conditions.
  • Olga Kravets
    Olga Kravets

    Freelance photojournalist based in France
    What it is Like to be Visible: will explore the consequences of the anti-gay propaganda law for young people in Russia.
  • Camille Lepage
    Camille Lepage

    French photographer killed in Central African Republic
    On Est Ensemble: embedded with Christian anti-Balaka fighters who were battling the remnants of a Muslim rebellion known as the Seleka.
  • Daniele Volpe
    Daniele Volpe

    Italian photographer based in Guatemala
    Guatemala Genocide: follows forensic anthropologists investing crimes against humanity by Jose Efrain Rios Montt, who ruled Guatemala from 1982 to1983.
  • Ed Kashi
    Ed Kashi

    American photojournalist, filmmaker and educator
    CKDu and Nicaragua’s Sugarcane Workers: documents the early deaths of Sugarcane Workers from an epidemic of fatal Chronic Kidney Disease.
  • Filippo Mutani
    Filippo Mutani

    Photojournalist from Italy
    Mustang, The Last Tibet: tracks the construction of a major road by the Chinese thru the Upper Mustang region of Tibet and the influences on the local people.
  • Gianmarco Maraviglia
    Gianmarco Maraviglia

    Italian photojournalist
    Greece 2014: Documents the budget cuts in Greece and their effect on the health status of children in newly poor once middle class families.
  • Maysun

    Spanish Freelance Photographer
    Stolen: documents the story of lost children and their families taken away from their mothers during Franco's regime in Spain and placed with adoptive parents, and have never given up hope of a reunion.
  • Noah Darnell
    Noah Darnell

    American photographer based in the UK
    The Tusheti Shepherds of the Georgian Caucasus: follows the struggles of itinerant shepherds of the Georgian Caucasus as they are confronted with modernization and global tourism.
  • Pau Coll Sanchez
    Pau Coll Sanchez

    Investigative photojournalist from Spain
    Latin American Prisoners: documents overcrowding and human rights violations in Latin American prisons.
  • Carol Allen Storey
    Carol Allen Storey

    American humanitarian photojournalist based in the UK
    20.20.20: documents the lives and perspectives of Rwandan youth born during the year of the genocide 20 years ago.
  • Fabrice Dimier
    Fabrice Dimier

    Photojournalist based in France
    Japan: The Silver Shock: focuses on the hardships and marginalization of elders across Japan.
  • Giorgio Bianchi
    Giorgio Bianchi

    Freelance photojournalist based in Italy
    Beyond Kiev's Barricades: documents the aftermath of the revolution in Ukraine and the role of ultranationalist in the new administration.
  • Olga Ingurazova
    Olga Ingurazova

    Russian freelance documentary photographer
    Scars of Independence: documents the struggle for freedom and independence in Abkhazia and the price that the people pay for breaking away from Georgia.
  • Valerian Mazataud
    Valerian Mazataud

    Canadian documentary photographer
    The Curse of the Mermaid: documents the life, risk and casualties of the Miskitos lobster divers in Cocobila, Honduras.
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Les Rencontres d'Arles
2014 Film Finalists
MRO Laureate Mads Nissen
World Press Photo Winner
Les Rencontres d'Arles
2014 Film Finalists
World Press Photo Winner
Our Foundation

THE MANUEL RIVERA-ORTIZ FOUNDATION for Documentary Photography & Film is committed to positive social discourse in under-represented communities throughout the world by encouraging emerging and established photographers and filmmakers working in developing nations to keep their lenses fixed on the plight of the poor and disenfranchised. Learn about our founder Manuel Rivera-Ortiz.

The Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation For Documentary Photography & Film

2015 Call for Submissions

Now in our fifth year, the 2015 submissions call continues to focus on stories of heroism, human dignity and injustice. From famine to disease, human suffering to the politics that threaten the lives of people all over the world, our grant programs give photographers and filmmakers the opportunity to share the pivotal and emotional stories that impact generations. Each year our foundation grants both photography and film making at its best. Our 2015 call for submissions is now open though March 31, 2015. Find our photography submissions guidelines here and film submissions guidelines here.

Alfonso Moral 2014 Film Laureate

We are pleased to announce that Alfonso Moral of Spain has been awarded our 2nd annual Documentary Short-Short Film prize for his work A City Without Dreams. Contrasting the plight a Syrian family fled against the rejection they faced as refugees in Beirut, Moral’s film stood out among submissions from around the globe. Honorable mentions are given to Emily Harrold of the USA for her work depicting the reporting of The Holocaust by The New York Times during World War II, and to Leonard Pongo of Belgium for his film questioning faith, politics, and exploitation in Congo DR. View all the 2014 finalists’ films here.

Remembering Lucien Clergue

Lucien Clergue

We honor the life and work of Lucien Clergue (1934 – 2014) – friend, advisor, Rencontres d’Arles founder, inspired photographer, artist. Beyond a great photographer, one of the best, Lucien was a great man with a huge giving heart for anyone trying to make it in the world of photography. We will miss his compassion, presence and his ever knowing gentlemanly smile.

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The Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation For Documentary Photography & Film 2014 Film Laureate – Alfonso Moral

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The Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation For Documentary Photography & Film 2014 The MRO Prize Laureate – Camille Lepage

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The Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation For Documentary Photography & Film 2014 Photography Laureate – Mohamed Ali Eddin

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  • Kanan Arunasalam

The Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation For Documentary Photography & Film 2013 Film Laureate – Kannan Arunasalam

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FoundationArles 2014
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FoundationArles Exhibition at Galerie Huit in Arles, France July-August 2014

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ARLES Info Covers MROF Prize Award Camille Lepage awarded the honor of Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation Maryvonne Lepage accepts the first posthumous Medal of Honor of Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundationon behalf of her slain daughter, French photographer Camille Lepage. Camille was killed last May in the Central African Republic.

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The Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation For Documentary Photography & Film 2014 The MRO Prize Laureate – Camille Lepage

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The Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation For Documentary Photography & Film 2013 Photography Grant Laureate – Vivek Singh

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Camille Lepage

The Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation For Documentary Photography & Film Manuel Rivera-Ortiz, Founder & President

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MRO Interview Arles 2014
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MROF Founder Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Interviewed by Photographie.com

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Je Suis Charlie
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A Year of Transition A letter from our Foundation President & Founder   With the start of a new year, it’s natural to reflect on the receding tide of the one past. And indeed, I’ll do just that as a way to kick off our new foundation blog. I promise that follow on posts won’t […]

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Stanley Greene 2012
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MRO Foundation Advisor, Photograoher Stanley Greene on Visa Pour l’Image. Perpignan 2012.

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Alex Coghe
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Alex Coghe: Humanitarian Photography: Interview with Manuel Rivera-Ortiz http://www.alexcoghe.com/humanitarian-photography-interview-with-manuel-rivera-ortiz/

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MRO Interview Arles 2012
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MROF Founder Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Interviewed by Photographie.com

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The Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation For Documentary Photography & Film 2012 Photography Grant Laureate – Gustavo Jononovich

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Columbia Journalism School
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Foundation President Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Selected for List of 50 Great Stories by Columbia Journalism School 2001: Faces of Poverty Columbia University faculty, a group of distinguished judges and alumni voted on the 100 Great Stories from the school of journalism graduates. Manuel Rivera-Ortiz, class of 1998, was selected for his documentary photography work focusing on […]

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  • Mads Nissen

The Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation For Documentary Photography & Film 2011 Photography Grant Laureate – Mads Nissen

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