Echoes of the Everyday

Collectif Advantage Austria

Echoes of the Everyday presents the artistic symbiosis of three photographers, who merge their perspectives to achieve an unprecedented exploration of the everyday, the banal, the clichéd and the supposedly ordinary. Rainer, Stasny and Holzknecht invite us to appreciate moments deemed ordinary, to sharpen our gaze on what passes for ordinary in order to discover profound beauty. These visual narratives encourage us to reflect on the complex nature of our environment, and to discover meaning in the web of everyday life.

artists                  Elias Holzknecht, Petra Rainer, Horst Stasny
curators              Reanne Leuning, Christian Jungwirth
                 partners              Advantage Austria, Galerie Christian Jungwirth, Bundesinnung Berufsfotografie, Fotohaus