Art Residencies 

The Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation receives artists' residencies at the Foundation to develop and accompany their projects. See the previous residencies below.



Residency realized from June to July 2022.

DOUBLURE performance for the opening of the exhibition DRESS CODE. Following the residency, Juline directed the film DOUBLUNE shown at the Foundation.


Female name
1. A person who temporarily replaces the one who should be there. 2. Fabric used to cover the intimate surface of a garment.

The performance proposed by Juline Darde Gervais questions the timeless figure of the Arlesienne through her gestural and clothing lining. The performer Nikita Goile goes in search of her, taking with her the audience of the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation.

Juline Darde Gervais is a visual artist & designer based in Paris, France. A graduate of the Arts Décoratifs de Paris in clothing design, she has enriched her practice through numerous experiences and collaborations in the performing arts and cinema. As a researcher, she explores the plastic potential of the body as a "stage body", in its capacity to deploy strong images between fantasy and abstraction.


Dmitry ERET
Katerina KIRTOKA
Yevheniia KRIUK

Residency realized from May to July 2022.

In the emergency of the situation in Ukraine, the Foundation opened an emergency residence to accompany young Ukrainian photographers.
In addition to an artistic accompaniment, Invasion was developed, a collective and evolving exhibition, and a fanzine accompanied by a production of numbered and signed poster that allows to anchor a trace of their situation as artists but also as Ukrainians in exile.
It seemed necessary to us to accompany the young generation of artists who have been forced to leave their country and their culture in danger for an indefinite period. A war in Europe that for many reminds a dark period, but for others from a generation in search of freedom, it seems inconceivable.

All sales of Fanzine and posters are paid in full to the artists.

Dmitry Eret started with drawing at the Academy of Design, with a special interest in video and editing. Then his interest in animation and motion design developed. He is also interested in other artistic practices such as drawing, calligraphy, collage, photography and finally 3D design. Experimentation is important to him, he particularly enjoys the hidden aspects of his artistic process.


Katerina Kirtoka began her career with drawing, then digital animation and finally photography. She captures moments, people, stories. In the past, the drawing was transformed into photos with a correction of vivid colors. In the context of the war in Ukraine, the need to express even more his opinion about this situation of instability. This can be seen in his recent works, which are no longer limited to photography but to collage, animations.

Yevheniia Kriuk studied architecture at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Kiev and then began studying fine arts at the Hrinchenko University in Kiev. At the same time, she also took a photography course at the school of conceptual and artistic photography Myph.