In the audiovisual work Françoise (2015 - 2024), a multitude of prayers and wishes mingle, evoking ethereal thoughts and desires that float away like glimmers in the darkness. Human voices, like brushstrokes on a canvas, create a soundscape where discourses seem to intertwine in a mysterious echo. These words, though apparently unconnected, form a network of thoughts detached from their original meaning. Yet they are always looking for an absent interlocutor, like rubbing a coin under a sheet of paper, waiting patiently for the silhouette of the other to take shape. In this way, Françoise captures a world of emotions, condensing humanity’s most intimate desires. The work reflects an anxiety about the future and a yearning for connection with the other. The artist invites the viewer to plunge into this invisible network of ideas, to explore the connection and resonance between oneself and others.

curator      Florent BASILETTI 
partner      Centre culturel de Taïwan à Paris, Ministère de la culture à Taïwan