Home is Home (All Alone)


Home is Home (All Alone) is inspired by Gabriele Tinti’s verses on the Faun. The Faun is a nature deity belonging to Roman mythology. God of the countryside, of the woods and of the flocks, he has always symbolized creative fullness, the power of life which in its overflow, in its exaltation and reaching maximum intensity, transforms into destruction and death. The Faun is looking for his place and shelter. In this chaos he fights, builds, destroys, meets, leaves, falls in love, losing control. He runs away from the normality of things in search of his identity. Guido Gazzilli’s project is the photographic compendium of an allegory: the metaphor between his life and that of the mythological figure of the faun. It is a project of research: the search for shelter, for a place called home. Of a dialogue with one’s solitude, also in anthropological and existential terms, of which this project is a eulogy

curators      Klaus KEHRER, Enrico STEFANELLI
partners      Kehrer Verlag, Photolux Festival