Chiara DAZI, Soli KIANI, Joachim HASLINGER et Philippine SCHAEFER

With photographic images – as a precise cut through time or capturing the processual, sharply focussed or blurrily formulated – four photographers Chiara Dazi, Joachim Haslinger, Soli Kiani & Philippine Schaefer throw light on communication forms of the body. The multiformity of the physical expression of passion reveals itself as a primordial instrument of nonverbal communication; here, the body is the conditio sine qua non of human nature and reaches into external and internal actions. The performative character of images of concrete bodies in action persists – as a committed reassurance on the physical precondition of social and individual existence – against its medial dissolution and fabrication in millions of repetitions. The image of the animated body, the archetype of the self-consciousness of the species, needs to be updated each time, as a postulate of a humanism that is constantly threatened in different ways. Markus A. Castor
                      curators      Christel Boget, Christian Jungwirth, Reanne Leuning
                      partners      Advantage Austria, Alain Sinibaldi Visual Art Place, Galerie Christian Jungwirth, Bundesinnung Berufsfotografie, ParisBerlin>fotogroup, Stiftung Kulturwerk | VG Bild Kunst, Fotohaus