Cumbia’s day

Teo BELTON & Florence GOUPIL

Cumbia’s day. The oral tradition is the breath of the Earth. In Peru, thirty-seven indigenous languages have become extinct in the last hundred years. The indigenous elders and chiefs are disappearing and, with them, the living memory of the Earth and its biodiversity.

Cuidantsiqmi: Love and care for the land. The Quechua-Wari indigenous people, living in the Cordillera Blanca in Ancash, Peru, are facing an environmental disaster that puts their lives in danger. First, there hasbeen an important melting of the ice caps. Now, drought and extreme heat have destroyed their agriculture and complicated their access to drinking water, affecting their physical and mental health. In the Ancash region, the high rate of malnutrition continues to grow.

curator      Florent BASILETTI
partners        The National Geographic Society’s Emergency Fund for Journlists, The Wellcome Trust Foundation