Édouard BEAU
Laurence BONVIN
Pablo Ernesto PIOVANO

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November 12th, 2015 to January 20th, 2016
at the 18 rue de la Calade — Arles

THERE, WHERE THE SOUND COMES FROM        is the title of the exhibition, taken from Edouard Beau’s video on the Islamic state in 2014. The head of the Kurds commands his men NOT to shoot, to remain still and be patient, and to listen to where the sound of gunfire is coming from. In the darkness, sounds becomes the only references... Eyes shut, ears open, mind focused, no shooting... And of course, out of nervous stress, fear and ignorance of what’s happening, there as anywhere, men retaliate, senselessly, shooting their ammunition into the dark night.

For this second exhibition in Arles, the MRO Foundation invites you to listen to the sounds of the world, thanks to the rigorous selection of photographers and video makers, one can source these sounds and their outcomes.
With Edouard Beau, we track Irak’s early 21st century History.
With Titus Simoens we listen to the mountains in China and to what young boys are taught. With Laurence Bonvin we listen intensely to displaced communities in Capetown. With Pablo Ernesto Piovano we measure the terrible human aftermath of chemical treatments on agricultural land in Argentina, the result of fatal / lethal deals between huge agri-food firms and Argentina. While Simo Aagadi’s sculptures move us, in the here and now, with traces of migrants’ bodies rocked and tossed.Photographs, films, sound and interactive performances document those infra-sounds that fly under the threshold of media scrutiny.

These artists introduce us to men and women caught up in a world not of their choosing. The purpose of these exhibitions is not to enshrine the artists but to show steps in their work, to share their thought process and concern for our world. This is a triangular discussion involving artists, the men and women shown in the images, and us.

Curators    Nicolas HAVETTE

Grand partners 2015    PHOTON Labo Photo Pro