Behind Desire

Chaussee 36

This exhibition, bringing together artists Gilles Berquet, De Gambs, Natalia Dymkowski, René Groebli, Heinz Hajek-Halke, Thomas Hodges, Eva Ionesco, Jean-François Jonvelle, Maria La Sangre, David Pisani, Herb Ritts, Tono Stano , Felicia Scheuerecker and Miriam Tölke, offers us various visions on the notion of eroticism.
In this exhibition, a part of the Chaussee 36 Collection specializing in nude and erotic photography will be shown for the first time in France. This exhibition does not lift a veil on eroticism by illuminating it only under an aesthetic point of view, but allows the visitor an encounter with his own Eros...

curator        Mathilde LEROY
partners      Chaussee 36, Fotohaus