Les Marques


Les Marques traces the perfection and imperfection of female bodies in the contemporary representations that we find in everyday imagery, between the pages of magazines or in advertisements, where we see scrolling faces and bodies of women always smooth, white, and young. Elsa Leydier compares this mechanism of homogenization of female bodies to that which is now in place in the field of agriculture, where, in order to nurture the goals of our capitalist society, the seeds are governed by a system of patents, leading to the prohibition on the sale of hundreds of thousands of species, and endangering the diversity of living things. Les Marques takes the form of a visual conversation between Elsa Leydier and photographer Michel Sedan, who both question the idea of nature in their work…

curator        Florent BASILETTI
partners      ChromaLuxe, Les Filles de la Photo, Pépinière La Belle Verte