Tendance Floue

with Pascal AIMAR, Thierry ARDOUIN, Denis BOURGES, Gilles COULON, Olivier CULMANN, Ljubiša DANILOVIĆ, Grégoire ELOY, Mat JACOB, Caty JAN, Yohanne LAMOULÈRE, Philippe LOPPARELLI, Bertrand MEUNIER, MEYER, Flore Aël SURUN, Patrick TOURNEBOEUF, Alain WILLAUME et Jean Christian BOURCART

Fragiles is a choir composed of sixteen voices, sixteen photographic stories. Crossing documentary and chimera, illusions and questions, this ensemble draws up a sensitive panorama of questions about a world that has become more vulnerable and uncertain than ever. The project is entirely inhabited by the tremors that are running through our era, at a time when the myth of endless growth is coming up against its disastrous consequences on the planet and all those who inhabit it.

partner        Ministère de la Culture, Fujifilm, la Saif