July 2nd to September 23rd, 2018
at the 18 rue de la Calade — Arles

HOPE        explores the formal possibilities of the image as document and the document as an agent of knowledge and understanding of contemporary issues. HOPE presents photography as an experience, a sharing. It presents the work of people who have chosen to create images, sometimes in parallel with their professions, to influence their lives and environment. Photographers are not merely witnesses, but become actors, using all the means available to them: from camera to smartphone, from artist’s book to Instagram collection.
Exploring this exhibition will be a ritual, sometimes solemn, sometimes playful, always heartfelt, for awareness is inseparable from emotion and study.

Refusing to categorize the world through an established documentary esthetic, the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation shares with you the creative energy of the international documentary scene.

Curators    Nicolas HAVETTE, Alain MINGAM, Cathy EDELMAN, Anette SKUGGEDAL, Enrico STEFANELLI.
Grand partner 2018    ChromaLuxe

Partners 2018    Ministère de la Culture de la République de Chine (Taiwan), Centre culturel de Taiwan à Paris, Diaphane, CASE Art Fund, Le Magasin des Jouets, LUMINA Gallery, Muscari, PHOTOLUX, Atelier SHL.