July 1st to September 22nd, 2019
at the 18 rue de la Calade — Arles

Hey! What’s going on?        Marvin Gaye’s album What’s Going On delivered the sublime message of universal love, perfectly expressed on the album’s cover art with an expressionless, yet serene, face standing in the rain. This is the attitude called for by the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation. Forgotten songs are reawakened from the United States, China, Ukraine, Brazil, Italy and Taiwan.

In a time of dictatorships and authoritarian regimes, where populism and sectarianism have found fertile ground from which to spread new world disorganization, the program Hey! What’s Going On? rings out like a call to consciousness, to dignity and to peace, while keeping a special attention to the forgotten population of the big media’s focus.

Curators    Nicolas HAVETTE, Madj, Nicolas LEVY, Laura SERANI, Ioana DE MELLO, Laura NOBLE, Enrico STEFANELLI.
Grand partner 2019    ChromaLuxe

Partners 2019    CPAFFC, Centre culturel de Taiwan à Paris, Universal Music France, Motown, Iandé, PHOTOLUX, Atelier SHL, Johein Technology Inc.